The Fault In Our Stars + Quotes

get to know - ross lynch (insp)



Auslly Prom Moments (1/5)

Auslly Kiss Evolution (a.k.a auslly killing everyone in the fandom with feels)

5sos during Nicki Minaj's VMA Performance Probably

Calum: Booty
Ashton: Booty
Michael: Yeah dat's right girl same my name.
Luke: Mother would not be pleased.


I love the way her entire hand is small enough to wrap around his thumb…

*sobs violently in the corner*


me playing 5sos to my friends 


its  a   g o o d  l i f e   hazel grace.

They’re mesmerizing separately and together, and together they do something that you rarely get to see anymore, which is just explode with chemistry.